Courageous living, Solar Eclipse

There is no outward representation for peace.
we can look to examples all around us,
and while there might be evidence of the opposite,
the creator force inside us

if we shine our attention on It,

can motivate us to rise out of bed,
can motivate us
to face injustice,
can help us hold our core values
within our hearts,

despite what is happening –

though I do think this is not easy
all the time, and therefore, like holding oneself
by virtue of the muscles of ones own legs,

one needs to rest from time to time
in the center of one’s own being

for a while,
for renewal and for strengthening.

Inside us is the whole peace ensemble.

Inside us is the access to trust,
Inside us is the fuel for living through –
and beyond the terrible rage that threatens with violence,

which is only the weather –
that must pass,
for it cannot stay forever.

15 thoughts on “Courageous living, Solar Eclipse

    1. Brad – Thank you! May peace be what we know, better than anything else, as our experience. Thank you. I read your words yesterday, and I know how closely your heart is to your home. You always inspire through your blog! May we see the opening for true planetary reconciliation.

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Aw, Ka. All I can say is I love this so much. ❀ May we all weather this storm with peace and grace.
    Much love,

  2. Excellent Ka.. Yes it is a passing phase as all is… Like any storm that arises, it passes by. Yet we need the rain before a rainbow can appear. So often life repeats this pattern..

    “one needs to rest from time to time
    in the center of one’s own being
    for a while,
    for renewal and for strengthening.”

    SO true.. And the more we replenish our inner being in finding inner peace, the more we can affect our outer world to be peaceful .

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