Taste of freedom

Ever wanted your freedom so much
that you can remember the taste of it
on your tongue,
you can remember how wide-open
your day began, when you opened your eyes?

and everything was possible in the moment
you winked your eyes open?

What if everything that you choose keeps
bringing you to more and more choices which are surprisingly showing you your developing ideal, even before you’ve formed it in your mind?

and as you create your world, your vision
becomes so fluid and full of potential that you can’t hold anything other than
your best dreams in your mind’s eye?

There’s simply only space for what is possible.

And, what if anything is possible?
those sparks you see forming in the corner of your eye is your next inspiration, on a platter, just saying “choose me,” “choose you,” “choose all of you.”

Astrology for fun:
Sun and Uranus conjoined in Taurus
Chiron and Venus (& Mercury) in Aries conjoined,
Moon and Rx Jupiter cojoined in Sagittarius
interpret whatever you like as you’d like,
and realize you can choose at any time to “let go” and “choose” again.
your best choice is always arising

9 thoughts on “Taste of freedom

  1. I love this poem Ka!! It reminds me of a time not so long ago that I truly lived this – I seemed to have moved away lately. So really enjoyed reading and getting a fix of optimism and a willingness to let go more, to choose more, to sparkle with joy more 🙂

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