What I learned from my blogging time-off


Image from ABC Open contributor trish.muir, from ABC https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-12-16/reflection-of-peacefulness/8124582
  • I learned that taking a break from blogging made me happier (so I’m just back to share what I learned), for now.
  • Time away enriched other areas of my life in ways that evened everything out, so I will do this more often, potentially by making my blog private again.
  • I love the WP community and have missed each and everyone who’s company I have enjoyed throughout the years. Looking forward to visiting you soon!
  • The process and dynamic of change is something that I consider fun. I’m curious how I will reinvent this new blog that I will create.
  • The rest of my life does not take a break, and I have been deliciously enjoying what has shown up. Somedays have been better than others, but overall, it’s been the best time.
  • Visiting with family has been so lovely – and it was so nice to focus on my visits with them without maintaining an “online” energy, and being this digital persona.
  • Blogging can be whatever I make it. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years; “Fiestaestrellas.com” will be changing form and format in a year or two from now.
  • This blog space will gain new life by 2021, potentially by the end of 2020.
  • Reading for pleasure is more pleasurable when I am more-so “offline,” and not creating and sharing content. I have so many other reasons that I use my computer, so it means more time away from my computer.
  • There are times in life when I want to widen my community and increase my outreach, and other times when I want to focus on enriching the foundation in my life and nurture that foundation, making new discoveries here. I’m still in the place of enriching my foundation: my “why?”

What have you learned from your blogging “time off” ? What do you love about blogging? How has your blogging community grown and changed in just a few months?

32 thoughts on “What I learned from my blogging time-off

  1. It’s nice to see you back Ka, and I completely understand about taking time off. I’ve had similar urges and insights in taking my smaller breaks. I’d really like to take an extended time off from blogging and social media, but don’t want to lose the connections to my WordPress family. As I write that, it occurs to me that maybe it’s OK, and not to choose from fear/ protection.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the rest of your life more without the time and energy it takes to be online.

    Hugs and blessings, Brad

    1. It’s so good to hear from you, Brad!! Regards taking a blogging break: Yes, the connections will most likely remain, and maybe not all of them, but the ones that help us move forward! Especially with you, Brad, you wouldn’t the forgotten! I’m just saying that for what it’s worth. Losses and gains balance out. Does that make sense? I mean that in a soulful way. Ooh, very “Libran” concept, and there’s that New Moon tomorrow!

      Yes, very calmed by finally settling down into my new schedule and reaching new heights (and delights!) at the same time in my personal life. Looking forward to bringing some more developments online when the time and energy is right with somethings that I’ve been working on for a long time but are still not ready yet. Truly I have made progress to date in an official way on my offline projects, so I am pleased with that.

      Wishing you all the splendor of this season, as I know you are delighting in the scents and colors and vibes of Autumn 🍂

      Happy to Flow with you!

  2. Hello my wonderful friend, Ka! It’s so nice to see you and to feel your replenished energy 🙂 I am happy that you are following your inner guidance…I too, find it hard to keep doing EVERYTHING…and have to take breaks it seems quite frequently. Some of them are not by choice but rather life gets in the way. Other times it just feels good to unplug and take of life that is not connected to electricity!
    I think of you often and hope that life with your family and sweet baby, is showing you many beautiful miracles and lots of unconditional love.
    I will always look forward to reading whatever you write…whenever you write! Sending bright lights and love on Angel Wings! ❤

    1. Hi Lorrie! It’s wonderful to see you too 🙂
      I’ve been busy, busy, busy, and I appreciated your comment made me laugh when I read “I find it hard to keep doing EVERYTHING..” me too. I think in the name of balance, sometimes, we end up doing everything just as it is natural, and we get in the flow. Other times we get directed this way and that because of life. I am indeed experiencing miracles and unconditional love. Thank you so much for your comment my friend. Much love! And sending you back lots of sweet, good vibes! 🤗

      1. Hi Ka! I can only imagine how your life has changed (I kind of remember but I was a baby with a baby and that was a long time ago!) I just saw a commercial that said something to this effect, “Having a baby doesn’t just change your life…it changes EVERYTHING!”
        Balance…a word…a feeling…and idea that keeps coming up for me lately. And life sometimes has a mind of its own, that’s for sure.
        Here’s to finding the balance and living in the sweet pocket of love! Sweet Blessings to you and your beautiful family! ❤

      2. Thank you! She changes everything, as she is everything! Lol 😂 but yes, I am an older mom, so I think that I had a whole, full life already before she showed up and I’m still set in my ways. I’m so glad that I have this extra company! As her mama, I’m her one and only – so I am here to learn from her and, to guide her. 💗 Meantime, I’m still working on my other projects, and it’s happening, at whatever pace. She would be proud of me. I’m proud of her! I’m making more tangible progress now 😉. After all, she’s a big part of my life and growth in this new chapter. It’s easier to see the concrete details of the future, whether they manifest this perceived way or not. The point is that the future is solid and not nebulous. It’s pretty brilliant, actually!

      3. And that’s a beautiful thing! 😁 It is a nice space to be in, Ka. I, too, feel the pressure of my self-imposed deadlines lifted as I try to walk through each day very mindful of what I am doing…and WHY I am doing it. Time is a strange phenomena…we often don’t notice it until we are almost out of it. I don’t want to wake one day and wonder where it went…I want to live each day knowing that I am spending it and being good with That!

        I am currently waiting news for my nephew’s baby’s birth! Exciting when a new baby joins the family!

        Sweet Blessings, Ka💗

      4. So well said, Lorrie!

        Oh this is exciting for your family!

        Welcoming these new babies into the world, these are the moments that make of beauty and amazement! 😄👀💗 Sending my delight and best wishes.

        Warm blessings right back to you Lorrie!

  3. Good to SEE you Ka.. and I so know these thoughts you share.. Blogging is enriching and we make so many truly wonderful friendships that we can share our inner thoughts with who get us.. Yet when you step away and into your own space, the peace, the freedom to just be without obligation to commitment to serve others or just to be present … Each time I step away its harder and harder to come back..
    Yet once back I am so happy to be here..
    This week I spent more time doing my crafts, knitting, and yet all the while in the background I am thinking oh I must go catch up with so and so as I have neglected them for a while.. lol..

    So I so understand all you have learned..

    The most thing is that you please your own inner self, follow your own guidance and energy patterns .

    One thing I always find is that it refreshes us, and I am guided to write deeper..

    I will come and go and now no longer feel so guilty… Because Time here is meant to be lived in the now, and we need to understand the flow.. Learning to just enjoy where it takes us… So if one day I blog and catch up.. and another three I am in my creative mode of art or knitting.. So be it..

    Just enjoy the MOMENT and the reality you are creating with love with your new daughter and family…
    For nothing is more important…

    LOVE and Blessings dear Ka.. ❤

  4. This makes so much sense. I’m glad you are following your heart and going with the flow. This quality time with family and yourself is valuable beyond measure. Whenever I take a day off from the internet, it feels good to see more of the world beyond. This weekend, I’m spending time with my granddaughter and need to feel okay about getting “behind” in my blogging because there’s no such thing as “behind.” Enjoy your family!

    1. Hi JoAnna!

      Sorry for my delayed reply. I’m picturing you having another fantastic weekend with your granddaughter, or whatever you are doing, I’m sure it’s good and enjoying nature, dogs, husband, painting, reflecting…

      Yes, there really can’t be a “behind” in the true sense of what it means to be a free spirit, a full human being, and a joyous participant in all the things.

      Thanks for your support, always! Quality time is what we all really want in life. That’s the real thing that sustains us. 💗

      Happy flowing! Thank you for your response 🙂

  5. Lovely to hear from you Ka and there’s nothing better than feeling free to just be and do everything you feel for, allowing whatever needs to happen to happen effortlessly. IAM sure your new life, including online presence will unfold as it’s all meant to❤️ much loch love, Barbara x

    1. Barbara, thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit my blog, and for being a long time blogging friend ❤ You said it so well, here: the freedom is, there is nothing better than the freedom (!) and yet: how does it get even better than this? It keeps getting better, Barbara!

      I left you a note on your blog but it does not look like it stayed. I think there's a couple of technical issues I need to have a chat conversation with WP. My likes aren't working, all my comments (that I receive) aren't being displayed in my notifications bar, and I can't seem to stay logged in unless I am on a computer, which limits what I can do.

      Amazingly, I am not currently frustrated by this but just see it as another item for me to tend to so that I can continue blogging with more ease and freedom, and that, well, that makes me happy 🙂 much much love right back to you my friend. Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend.

      1. It’s all delightful… experiencing freedom in so many different ways! This sensational delightful ness just gets bigger and bigger… sometimes I feel ill burst❤️ oh the technology! It comes to test our acceptance and sorting it out… quite magically sometimes😘

    1. Yes, Sue! I see your avatar right now in my messaging field. I’m not sure where it’s not showing for you or what others might have reported to you. I do know that sometimes people’s avatars are not linked to their blogs. You know when you want to return the visit and head over to a “like,” the avatar of the liking visitor is not connected to the blog. A number of times I jump through hoops to visit people’s blogs because their avatar is not linked and especially when I am hooked on a certain blogger and enjoy visiting when I find the time, even if I haven’t heard from them in a while. That makes it even harder! 😉. Well, technical glitches often get worked out when they happen to enough of us because there’s a big bug. But I do have good experiences at least attempted to get help from the WordPress chat for assistance. Last time they couldn’t help me because the issue was on another level. It was the browser’s cookies. I figured out how to solve it myself, at least temporarily. Maybe your avatar question can be helped by them?

      1. I sorted it Ka, thank you I went to check my Avatar link and reset it all again… I saw it was not showing on several blog comments I visited today, then when I went back it showed back up.. Maybe it needed time to load up… Who knows.. Maybe its because I have not been on WP in a while lol..
        But yes I have the same loops I jump through to some blogs I like.. I find what I do with them now is save their blog posts in my browsers and then update to their latest posts when I click on them… 🙂

      2. I have so many browser pages saved! If only that system worked for me. They still need to be organized! I’m also maybe linked up to a lot of groups, lots of interests and connections within those interests. We do our best💗. You are a pro, Sue!

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