Thanksgiving Practice

There are so many different ways that I meditate. As a reiki practitioner, I have a practice for giving myself reiki. I work with mantra, healing sounds, ringing bowls, guided meditation, vipassana meditation, walking meditation, laughter yoga, other yoga, and many other methods.

Considering I have so much to choose from, it keeps my practicing fresh and alive. I pick and choose what works for me. Often this means that I have diligence for a period of time using a particular method. In this area of my life, I don’t have a specific teacher, but many teachers. About 3 days ago I returned to my beloved horse stance that I first used in Kung Fu a decade or so ago from my Pai Lum Tao. This started to translate into me practice more Qi gong. My favorite go-to is “polishing the stone.” It’s also called “polishing the table,” but it’s the same. The previous practice I learned from another school. I’ve included the video below for your reference, but I hadn’t seen it before today. Same with the video above, which I think is a great introduction to moving like water. Today, on Thanksgiving, I created a movement that’s perfect for my needs and I named it “bamboo swaying in the wind.” I’ll be working with this new Qi Gong I taught myself for a little while, and so far it feels amazing!

There are so many ways to look at abundance and prosperity. In times of challenge and pain, grief from loss, and sadness it can be very difficult to see even the tiniest amount of hope. We must be humble and remember that circumstances are fleeting. They change, they are subject to the ebbs and flows and the vicissitudes of life. What I love about Qi Gong, is that it’s a gift you can give yourself, and you don’t need any supplies but your own breath and movement. It’s a way to cultivate Qi which is the what the entire universe is made up of——-talk about abundance!

Image by Qijin Xu from Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Practice

  1. I really admire your willpower to follow all these meditation teachings. I have no knowledge of this kind of meditation but following your blog I am getting an idea of what it is.
    Today was a master class with the help of the video.
    Greetings and happy Thanksgiving
    Manuel Angel

    1. Thank you my wonderful friend, Manuel. I am pleased to share these things here, as they come by naturally. I’m so glad you found an appreciation for this meditation from reading and viewing my blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you in S. America, as we express gratitude for our friendships and good connections. I’m glad to have met you here, and enjoy your poetry and deep expressions of love on your blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I will look at the videos later when I’m a bit more awake. My sister really likes moving mediation too and I’ve been meaning to give it a try, but sometimes adding more practices into my life just seems too overwhelming. You seem to have a good method of just working with what feels right at the time and letting it flow into something else which is encouraging to see.

    1. Tai chi can be used as a form of Qi Gong. The internal art and focus is the center point of the Qi Gong, although Tai chi can be practiced with an inner focus. The Qi Gong has specific moments designed for certain cultivation, while the Tai Chi usually consists of a flowing form and longer sequences of movements. So glad this can be a part of your rotation. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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