Tracing my daughter’s hand

I gave her fingers lots of space!

She says “draw my hand 🖐”

and this simple action

for me, is High art—

the art of masters, becoming young again.

Our combined intelligence

simplified into the elegance of

a single line drawn,

contour: a line developing into a form

One day she will sit in an art class

and draw what she sees, without

looking at her paper.

Because of me.

her request: “draw my hand”

is helping me illustrate one of the most

creative gifts of her body

As a baby,

she learned her hands quickly.

she studied intently.

Her hands were her first friends

enabling her into positions, and grasping my

finger well after that reflex had gone.

her fingers articulating quickly,

her hand in mine—always wanting my hand. Brave. And still always wanting my hand.

“Mommy, mommy, draw my hand.”

15 thoughts on “Tracing my daughter’s hand

  1. Ah so precious! I absolutely loved the entire arc of your poem – her hands as her first friend, her being brave yet holding your hand, and then her request “Draw my Hand”, so many layers that last one you beautifully expressed.

  2. A simple act, like drawing your daughter’s hand, means having a reason for being for the rest of your life. She makes you change your life, your time and your way of thinking. All your feelings are summed up in your heartfelt verses. Congratulations ka. The drawing is great for the value of mother that you give it. Greetings
    Manuel Angel

  3. Ah, Ka! I can see the picture of the two of you in my mind! Precious love. There is nothing like those moments that happen that seem simple, and yet you know are so powerful and will last a very long time! You made me think of my little boy (who is 41!!!!) and my mind flashed to these kinds of moments when he was so little and such a ham! He learned at a very young age that he had the ability to make people laugh…and he liked it!
    I hope that things are really good in your world. Keep your precious memories of your little…because before you know it, she will be a grown woman!!
    Much love to you ❤

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