New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 3)

With current astrology the Lunar eclipse is the earthly experience of a celestial event taking place November 8, depending on your subjective view from the location on the Earth where you inhabit. See the chart below.

One of best criticisms of astrology can also be one of its best attributes: so much of it can be relevant at *any time.* If we can truly tap into universal wisdom–it is timeless. Also what makes astrology so special is, well, time. But what is it about time that makes it so special? Shall we see it as restrictive and prohibitive (some attributes that Saturn gets tagged with) or liberating and applied like applied science, like “applied time” (the Uranian side of things)? Time is nothing without “how we use it.” But perhaps the most basic thing to realize about astrology is also one of its criticisms: Astrology is symbolic. Aquarius is often the sign that gets associated with astrology and astrologers. My own ascendant and my S.Node (past life) are in Aquarius, the sign of the quirky, trailblazer. I’ve experienced the energy and measurement of both of its rulers: Saturn and Uranus. These are symbols and they don’t mean too much to people otherwise if they can’t see or understand symbols or symbolic language. I am defining astrology here as “symbolism applied over time to celestial movements and observations.” The LINK below is my first EVER post on Fiestaestrellas over 11 years ago. It’s got the strong flavor of New Moon and Pisces…. Not our current aspects and configurations.

New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe — Fiesta Estrellas

13 thoughts on “New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe — Fiesta Estrellas (Reblogathon Day 3)

    1. Looking at the chart that I posted here, it is a really interesting dynamic. There is a strong T square formed by the fixed signs. The cross creates a “tension” point that releases or finds its 4th angle at the middle of Leo (@15degrees) where there is no planet or major body. Saturn is at Aquarius at the midpoint of the T square and Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all together in Scorpio. That leaves the North Node, the Moon and Uranus at Taurus—“The wild card” planet (Uranus) is next to the moon emphasizing unexpected/surprises.

      I say there’s a good chance for friction, tension and surprises, but that doesn’t always lead to bad. Sure, maybe chaos and intensity, but these energies call for release valves and one of the Fixed signs is Leo (with no planet)…. Questions about leadership… May be long term— this is opposite Saturn in Aquarius (fixation and constriction within the sign of freedom). Again, I always put a positive spin on anything… So see the positive and prepare for the anything and everything.

      1. I was fascinated by this comment and your response. This line seemed perfect, Ka: “So see the positive and prepare for anything and everything.” I’ll go with that on election day.

        A fun reblogathon post and lovely to read, my friend. I’m not surprised by the presence of Aquarius in your chart. My experience with people bearing this sign is that they are light-hearted and fun to be around. Seems to apply well to you!

      2. Thanks Diana, that’s a sweet connection. My favorite thing about the general Aquarius ♒️ characteristics is the science-y stuff: inventing and tinkering with things is also fun. I hope you have a great day. I’m glad you found what I wrote to be interesting. Have a great day today! 🙂

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