Outdoors in Cambodia: a meditation

In this blog post, I have a recorded a track for meditating outdoors. I’ve also included my photography from my visit to Cambodia in 2001. There’s two images of me from 19 years ago, taken by one of my teachers from University of Pennsylvania, Larry Silver.

Please take some time to sit outside and listen to this meditation, sitting or standing against a tree.
Ka Malana Photography


20 thoughts on “Outdoors in Cambodia: a meditation

  1. Love the photos! Were you at Siem Reap during your trip? Cambodia has significance for me and I am happy you were able to experience this fascinating land. I did not know you took classes at Penn, cool!

      1. Please correct my comment, The question mark was a typo. I LOVE the photos. ❤ My favorite tree can be viewed from my couch, an old wise oak. I will give it a listen.

      2. Yes, it satisfied the same desire in me. When I was there, there were very few tourists. I was extremely fortunate to be able to sink into the atmosphere and commune with antiquity in a way that felt very present for me. I hope to post more pictures today.

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  3. Such a beautiful color on you!! But now that I think on it, I think all colors love you. 🙂 After my last few days of not feeling well, I’m behind on these meditations but I’ll start here tonight and give it a listen. 😀

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Please drop me a petal from your beautiful self and let me know that you visited :)

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