For Love, and wrapping up my November with a bow 🎀

DSC01088.jpgPhotography by Ka Malana ©2017

Here’s my 5-minute meditation that I’ve provided on my blog, where you can listen and also find it under the meditation drop down box -> mindfulness meditation tracks -> 5 minute guided meditation. I’d like to give this to you, as my gift to you: where you can listen and get in touch with all your senses as I guide you.

                Which senses bring you joy and delight? 

IMG_3198.jpgPhotography by Ka Malana ©2017

All of them, as they are the ones that connect me beyond the earth plane! (best explained by Sue Dreamwalker, here.)

   How do they help you live a meaningful life?

My senses help me relate and integrate. My senses help me to connect with others, with nature, and help me to be a part of something bigger than myself. My earthy senses: sounds, sights, feels, tastes, and smells, help me to ‘ground’ and to meditate.  5-minute meditation.

IMG_0600.jpgPhotography by Ka Malana ©2017
Yin-Yang Soup


Today’s post is dedicated to the two challenges I’ve participated in for November, it’s also dedicated to me, for completing the NanoPoblano challenge when I didn’t think I would/could. At all. I still wanted to give it a try. I wanted to use this challenge to get through an ‘already’ challenging time. NanoPoblano, is a month-long posting challenge to post daily with no restrictions originated by Ra Avis. She is an incredibly inspiring blogger and human, and she came up with the idea for NanoPoblano. She’s also been a great friend and support to me in completing my book, She would always appear at precisely the right moments.

Here’s Ra’s words about the NanoPoblano challenge. It’s about Poblanos/Cheerspeppers and the team:

The thing about the Poblanos is that it adds a family dimension to the entire project.  You will be constantly looking at a list of people who are going through the same struggle as you.  Some will be better writers.  Some will be funnier.  Some will have bigger audiences.

It won’t matter, though, because we’ll all be feeling the burn.

After walking through the fire together, it’s hard not to love each other.  We’re a team.  My Poblanos are my first point of contact for any activity I undertake– because I know they are committed to what they want, and to what they do.  No matter what they want, or why they do.

These are people I am proud to blog alongside.

I am proud to blog alongside her and others; most of all my readers!!!!!

This month, on the 23rd, my blogger galpal Linda from invited me to participate in her month-long Sense-sational Blogging Challenge, and she suggested that I could use one of my NanoPoblano posts for her Sense-sational Challenge. So, at this point I was thinking, maybe I could pull this off, and use Linda’s challenge to be sure I get to the end. Thank you, Linda! Check out her blog for astrological musings, synchronicity, numerology, and more!

Of course, I have to also mention another dear blogging friend & wizard, Dewin, who participated in this challenge on the 29th, since I can’t link to anyone afterward – as I am taking up the caboose – here’s a link to Dewin’s written submission. You can also follow his amazingly well-written, witty, passionate, and truly epic poetry by following the links on his blog. If you haven’t already. 🙂

About my book: Art for Art, in my opinion it’s the best first and potentially only book I could/would have written. Included in it is a wonderfully well-written foreword by my dear friend and writer, Michael, from Embracing Forever. He’s really been a huge support to my writing, as another writer, and a marvelous writer at that! He’s blown me away with his talent, and I am anticipating his continued success!!

Finally, here’s a link to my posts for NanoPoblano, where you will see a lot of photography and writings, poetry, and musings mixed together with the astrology that underlies it all. I’ve put the posts all here in one nice, tidy, accessible place – including my “lead in” posts where I prepared for November’s challenge.

Let’s get spicy and do the thing in November!

The Day Before…

Tiny lighthouse

Tanka Poem

undaunted at dawn

rooted tree of the taurus full moon

november swirls

Little Ka, Amusement Park

Complaints from an angel

Resting Haiku

the sky provided


yin of evening

brownie i wonder

crosswalk closeup

smiling bodhisattva in the garden


being one with nature

tap the feet to the beat

beach surrender

desert yawn

Waxing Tropical

A rose’s aroma

Lines & Designs

Thanksgiving in so many forms

Triskelion & flower

The center

across time (and space)

The wave

rose alchemy

i want to guide you

My readers are soooo awesome and I cannot wait to catch up with you, especially these last few days, **WHEW**!  This daily posting for the month was a challenge for me, but I’m glad I did it. I’m not sure if I will do it again.

Thank you all for your loving, supportive comments. You really made a difference!!!

So what’s next?
I’m not sure, but I definitely have a lot of “off the blog” work to focus on and so I’m going to completely enjoy my December (and that means working on what I have to do and read your blogs when I can) and prepare for 2018. This November’s end is sort of a wrap up for me for the whole year, 2017. I’m proud of myself for doing this posting challenge for me. I like the delicious choices that I get to make in my many moments! My dedication to my regular meditation practice has also benefitted from this month’s crazy activity!

What will you do in December? Did you have a good time in November? What was 2017 like?


Designed by Sue Dreamwalker

24 thoughts on “For Love, and wrapping up my November with a bow 🎀

  1. Hey Ka, Namaste 🙂

    The Language of Love speaks in many ways and on many levels and you seem fluent within them all. Quite how you do that is a complete mystery 😉

    I very much enjoy your wonderful photographs as much your heart-stirring poems Ka: the gentle pressing quality of both presents a very honest and open reflection of you and the singing cricket inside. You are a beautiful soul.

    Thank you for such kind and considerate comments on my poetic scrawl…I can’t but feel your generosity is a little misplaced, but I’ll accept your words all the same lol 😀 Thank you.

    Red Revolution For A New World Constitution! Namaste ❤

    DN The Freeman of Wales

  2. Congratulations, beautiful Ka!! I’m so proud of your for finishing up your challenge…and for stretching yourself in the first place!
    I will be over to catch up…
    I send so much love and light to you…may you find peace and love as the feelings of December!

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! 💜 This was a big stretch for me! I am always stretching myself, in life, as even having a blog is a stretch. I can only keep trying to bring the light into myself and bring healing out into whatever picture and words show up. I live a very guided life for which I am incredibly grateful! Thank you Lorrie for taking an interest in my blog, and for your loving support. I enjoy sharing spaces with you! I enjoy your blog too 💜

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Congratulations, Ka!
    Wow! Every day. I look forward to catching up. Thanks for linking them all here.
    Yes, Dewin and Michael are both so amazing, as are you. ❤

    1. Hi Mary!
      Thank you for your kindness and interest in my photography, poems, astrology, whatever shows up.
      I’m just trying to allow the inspiration to flow.

      It’s been so lovely seeing you post your photographs again. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,
      Warmly, Ka

  4. Congratulations Ka! That is a lot of writing, stretching, and connecting for the challenges. I think you deserve a break to catch up in your 3D life! May we keep stretching ourselves and sharing our gifts. It’s nice to have friends and community here on WP. Hugs and blessings, Brad

  5. Hi Ka,

    Thank you for helping close down the challenge ( I will post hopefully my offering this weekend).
    Your photos are lovely and I admire your tenacity in blogging daily all month long. Congrats!

    Looking forward to more from you and may your ying/yan be as balanced as the yummy looking ying/.yan soup!

    Blessings and hugs,

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  7. What a beautiful post which is tied up with a bow of Gratitude Ka.. Just a beautiful end to your Nano Challenge and a super contribution to Linda’s Challenge also. I have yet to catch up with Dewin’s post as I have been on holiday.. Many thanks for your lovely mention of me.. And I hope you have a wonderful December catching up on all the things which mean the most to you.

    I love your Yin Yang soup.. 🙂 And although I have not been able to catch all of your Novembers posts There are there for me to browse at my convenience now I am home..

    Sending you huge Hugs your way Ka.. May December bring you Peace and Joy… in ALL you create.. Be it your writing, studies, or art..
    Love and Blessings my friend.. And may the season of Goodwill be good to you.. 🙂 ❤
    Love Sue ❤

    1. Hi Sue –
      The bow was a surprise to me. 🙂 it just showed up. 🎄. 🦋🎀 Here’s to another upcoming year…. wishing you continued beauty. May your season reflect wonderfully upon you, as you celebrate in whatever way inspires….. love and appreciation to all your loved ones at home and in your life, too.
      Thank you dear friend,
      Aloha – Ka

      1. Awww what a beautiful comment Ka.. and ENJOY too my friend.. Sending Lots of Love right back.. 🙂 and likewise to you and yours dear friend xxx ❤ and thank you for those gifts all tied up so beautifully xxx 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet gift, Ka, I enjoyed your guided mediation immensely. One of the things I love most about it was hearing your voice, so calm and loving and just lovely. Your posts are always an inspiration. I missed many of your November Dailies, and will have to go back through them over the next few days so I don’t miss out. Blessings to you, my friend.

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